Two Things

Today, we took an atheist to church.

My son had two friends spend the night and they wanted to go with us. Never thought one of them would be an outspoken God- hater. It started out a bit uneasy. His tone was loud enough for those around to hear and he had several comments. But then he stopped. The sermon was on God’s love- how to live it out and how it “looks” to others. He listened and took copious notes.

Afterward, I asked both boys what they liked or disliked about the service; what they thought was weird or helpful.  The atheist commented that the pastor contradicted himself. We talked about that. He thought the choir who sang, “Praise God!” (over and over) was telling everyone what to do. That bugged him. I explained, “You know when you find something out and you are really excited? You want to tell other people about it, right? That’s what they were doing- telling people about God because they are excited about worshipping Him!”

Praying that seeds were planted in hearts that will soon be watered.


Today, I made a new friend at church.

She and I have worked together in the nursery over the past six months. During chats while taking care of babies, I’ve learned a great deal about her and vice versa. Come to find out she and I are more similar than we would have thought. I love her openness and honest heart. I love her passion for God, husband, children and grandchildren. I cherish her wisdom about life.

It is often the intangible nature of just being in the same place at the same time that can cause a friendship to form between two people who would have otherwise not been drawn to each other. She isn’t someone I would have naturally sought out because she is a *wee bit older than I am. But I am happy God had other plans. 🙂

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  1. Praise the Lord that the atheist went to church and heard God’s Word. God can change him. That’s very encouraging!

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