Hello There!

Dear Readers,

Allow me to roll out the red carpet for this new blog of mine! I prefer this over the word picture of giving birth to this baby because let’s face it, giving birth really sucks.

On the velvety plush, in all my pomp and circumstance, I stand. Oh, but no gorgeous, sexy dress is there to be found; just me, Plain Jane, in jeans and t-shirt with a pair of TOMS on my feet.

My stance is no hip cocking, thigh high slit leg revealing, high healed pose. No. I stand before you in all my plain glory, arms beckoning, outstretched. I am inviting all of you to come with me as I think and write about most everything. My hope is that you’ll find a mixture of comfort and provocation; a strange brew of humanism and theology all mixed into one.

I invite you to read and respond, to share and tweet, to like and post what you find here that resonates with you, stirs a chord of emotion, or maybe even gives you a snicker from my dry-witted humor.

My desire is to have this be the beginning of a sweet relationship between you and I. Although I wish we could sit down and have a conversation over a delicious drink, alas, this is blog world and so we are forced to be virtual friends for now.

My moment in the spotlight was rather uneventful, wasn’t it? Oh well. That is my style anyways.

Welcome! Come meander with me in musings and meditations.