Proverbs Poetry


Here is a piece I wrote after reading Proverbs 7, which cautions a young man about the temptations of the seductress. Drugs, alcohol and sex lure and tantalize. The young are being more and more barraged with promises that these vices bring pleasure, fulfillment and escape from life’s problems or insecurities. God and His wisdom are being touted as boring, restrictive, narrow-minded. May we pray harder than ever for the next generation. Love them intensely and teach them truth.


I looked through the window of my house, just between the shades.

Evening was coming on, the dusky darkness becoming heavier with each moment.

I saw an idle throng of people, loitering about.

Among them was a senseless young man- inexperienced and shortsighted.

He was ambling down the shady street, the street of hallucinations.

Around one corner came a dazed looking man.

He had been waiting for the youth, undetectable in the inky shadows.

First came the laugh then the hushed tones, “Come in here and see my stash.”

Brazenly and without waiting for an answer, he grabbed the young man’s arm.


In, he pulled him.

The stench of smoke filled the air.

So thick, it was hard to see and made his stomach recoil.

He coughed. His lungs weren’t used to this.

Although, he’d never been there, the kids were from his high school.

He said hello to an acquaintance and got a nod in return.

The room was disheveled and fetid, so starkly in contrast to his home.

Yet, the mellow vibe appealed to him.

“Try some of this.” A tall thin guy handed him a pipe.

This was uncharted territory for the youth.

Gazing up, he remembered the statistics of drug addiction from class.

But the ambiguous smile and his reassuring words, assuaged any fear.

All around were glazed over looks, bleary eyes and relaxed bodies.


Soon, the youth was slumped over in a chair.

His body felt numb, but his mind was racing.

The things his mind conceived were incomprehensible.

It seemed like he was catapulting through a kaleidoscope.

Before he knew it, he craved more.

Day after day, he longed for that escape.

Little did he know, this house was on the street called Destruction.

At the end stood a precipice with vacuous blackness below.

Like a net hidden for the prey, was this habit-

A snare meant to entrap.

Like a calf being led toward slaughter,

The rope now around his neck doubled as a noose.

He was bewitched.


So, son, listen to me, take these words of mine most seriously.

Don’t fool around with friends like that;

Don’t even stroll through that neighborhood.

Never go into the house.

Countless victims have come under the spell.

Many have fallen prey to its clutches; their minds forever changed.

That path that appeared pleasing will lead you straight over the precipice and into hell.

Proverbs 7:1-4

“My son, obey my words.
    Store up my commands inside you.

 Obey my commands and you will live.
    Guard my teachings as you would your own eyes.

 Tie them on your fingers.
    Write them on the tablet of your heart.

 Say to wisdom, “You are my sister.”
    Call understanding a member of your family.”


30-days to a WISER YOU

It’s summer. School’s out!  No more work (for me at least)…

June brings these things, which are both good and bad. Good because I love summer. Bad because I lose my routine and I thrive on routine. (Bet you couldn’t have guessed that! J)

For some of you, the thought of lazy days basking in the golden rays of sun or lazing around some pool somewhere brings a smile to your face. While I do enjoy relaxing, my MO is more about structure, order and getting things done; therefore I look at summer a bit like a black hole of wasted time. Trying to get past these issues. Don’t judge!

Anyways, I was thinking about this lack of structure and how it sometimes means a misplaced time in the Word of God. Why do we do this? Why do we somehow feel comfortable taking a vacation from our daily feeding? Yes, I DO consider my bible reading like a daily meal, my spiritual sustenance. I must have it. I must- or I quickly stray from the path of any semblance of righteousness (which I have a hard enough time with just being ME!)

 And so, my new 30-day challenge:

Read with me through the books of Psalms and Proverbs- 5 Psalms a day and 1 Proverb a day.  This wisdom literature is chock full of practical, heartfelt life applications. We will hear the wise, learned Solomon as well as David’s heart poured out to God. We will explore the themes of redemption, repentance, our present and future hope, the value of seeking God, treasuring His word and what to do when we are beaten down, depressed or afflicted. I NEED this. What about you?

Let’s do this together. I will try to update my Facebook page with thoughts on what I read. I would UBER LOVE it if YOU would do the same. Let’s not just read and forget it. We can discuss and share, challenge and edify one another, like iron sharpening iron.

This will end July 2nd. Who is with me?!