Super Glue Connections

Dizzying.  Astounding. Bewildering.

 The choices we have to stay connected with friends new and old, family near and distant, and (even) almost strangers are practically limitless.

But sometimes, every now and then, step back and consider what it all means. All the notifications, likes, comments, loves, shares, subscriptions, shout outs, upvotes, et al . What value do we feel or worth do we derive from it all?

Are we like a drug addict that needs a fix? Are we like the athlete that needs a medal? Perhaps we need applause, award, recognition or accolades to make us feel accepted.

I fight it, yet sometimes I am over taken. Pride creeps in. Self gets the best of me. I’ve abused the very tool that was meant to help connections, facilitate relationships, bridge communication, and share news.  Instead I have used it to feed my ego, waste my time, squander opportunities, miscommunicate thoughts, dwell on unsavory images, etc.

This video says it masterfully. Hoping you and I will thoughtfully pause to listen to what David Bowden articulates.  

David Bowden- “The Inner Net”

2 thoughts on “Super Glue Connections”

  1. Before I finished reading your post, I contemplated your 2nd paragraph. For me, all of the likes, comments, statuses, etc. mean connections. It means I’m paying attention to what they said. It means they noticed what I said. It’s an unspoken dialogue. Yet, it does become easier to not really communicate because we can just write a sentence or two. Or just like something without committing to a serious conversation. Long, chatty phone calls are so a thing of the past. And I miss that. Cordless phones were the best…you could talk all over the house. Get things done and have a good chat. And we can’t claim ignorance (nearly) anymore about anything in the world. So we must pray more, be more conscientious about our daily lives. Rambling…

  2. Loved your “ramblings”! Thank you for the reminder to pray more.

    I agree that all of the social media does connect us in ways that we could not be otherwise.

    Thanks for the comments!

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