Beware the Poison

Perfectionism is not only a trap, but a lie- a trap because it is a place you cannot get out of and a lie because it is unattainable. This self-made standard pervades and poisons our thinking, work and worth.

I know this first hand. I lived most of my adult life under the guise of perfectionism- expecting, particularly from myself, a certain standard, really a made up grading system. I got a score of perfect when: my house was 100% clean, my laundry all done, my children looked tidy and obedient, my marriage oozed over with love, my church people thought I had it all together.

But here’s the funny thing- I rarely, if ever scored that high. I worked and worked to attain “it”, but was left to feel inadequate, frustrated, and hollow. For whatever I appeared on the outside, I knew the real me- the me with flaws, the me with fears, the me with failures- and I was never 100% anything!

You see, this invisible yet powerful force causes us to suffer needlessly. The sway it has to make us feel worthwhile or like a failure is devastating.

So if you suffer from this (even in just a few areas of life): GET RID OF IT! Ditch the perfectionism and your life will suddenly feel free. Your chains will be loosed and you will begin to embrace yourself truly. If you have a spouse or kids, release them from this invisible grading system. They will never measure up anyways and it will only deprecate a healthy relationship.

There is NO SUCH THING AS PERFECTION (except God).

This is especially true in the realm of spiritual life: the more you realize you can’t attain to some arbitrary standard (usually set up by faulty man himself), the freer you are to embrace the God of perfection. Jesus is your perfection. He stands in your place. Don’t allow man made constraints to lay a burden on your back that you and I were never meant to bear.