I don’t write because I’m clever, witty or wise and I don’t think what I have to say is extraordinary or exceptional. Honestly? I write because it is the outflow of the intake of life lived- the crazy ride called marriage, the challenging, downright baffling road of parenting, the journey of faith in Someone bigger than me, and finding my daily personal mission in the mass of 7 other billion humans who inhabit this complex, beautiful place! Besides that, the written word is my personal happy place and who doesn’t like being happy?!

As of late, I’m trying to knock off my grammar loving, over–analyzing, lil bit perfectionist side and tap into my “good enough, free to be me, just get the thoughts on paper” side.

My sincere hope is that you’ll find resonance in these posts; that my words make you ponder, smile or even bristle you. We are far too easily amused and the blog world is glutted with stuff to make you think.

I’m not famous nor do I have a long list of credentials, but I do offer an open heart, a liberated tongue and an authentic appeal to come, read, respond, share. I promise you won’t find political rants, my personal vendettas or religious hobby horse riding.

You and I are probably not so very different and if we are than I’d truly love to hear your perspective. Really.




P.S. Oh, yeah, and just incase you were wondering: I’m married to my college sweetheart- 23 years and counting. We’ve got 3 crazy, beautiful kids (2 boys and a girl) who are in the untamable phase of life called adolescence. God help me!

For real.

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